National Drip Irrigation Company (NDICO) Paves The Way For Water Innovation Technologies Adoption

Amman (May, 2021) – National Drip Irrigation Company (NDICO) announced the successful completion of Phase 1 of Water Innovation Technology (WIT) Project, funded by U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by Mercy Corps in two agricultural areas in Jordan.
In its ongoing mission to combat water scarcity and introduce innovative water saving technologies and best practices to the agricultural sector, NDICO is currently partnering with WIT to introduce water savings technologies that results in increasing water use efficiency at the farm level in agricultural areas across Jordan. The aim of the project is to reduce over-irrigation and support farmers with new technologies, practices, and know how.
NDICO’s first-to-market new technology pressure compensating emitters boast steady water flow irrespective of water pressure variations (0.5 – 4 bar). The project has been able to help farmers in Al-Mafraq and Al-Azraq in reducing irrigation water consumption by 35% in forty five farms (5,293.50 dunums) in during phase one and phase two of the project.
In the ongoing third phase of the project and to further incentivize farmers and communities to adopt water saving technologies and practices farmers are rewarded with financial discounts for each cubic meter saved. In the first 900 dunums the project has saved 78,575 cubic meters in March and 106,757 cubic meters in April for a total savings of 185,350 cubic meters of water to date.
The purpose of the project is to increase water conservation in Jordan by partnering with different market actors to better promote and market water savings technologies and the uptake of good agricultural practices, enhance businesses, and improve the irrigation efficiencies at the farm level.
NDICO’s technologies and professional staff and ability to implement full solution projects will gear towards farming sustainability and food security. For more information, please visit