NDICO/Al Wataniyeh manufactures a vast array of pipes and emitters including GR Pipes, PC Pipes, LDPE Plain Pipes, and HDPE Pipes for a seamless precision drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation is a revolutionary, micro-irrigation system designed to slowly deliver the needed amount of water directly to a plant’s roots. Through an intricate drip irrigation system of driplines, drippers, tubing, pumps, valves, and emitters, this network enables farmers to save water while increasing productivity and ROI.

Drip irrigation technology aims to tackle water and land scarcity, food poverty, and the negative impact of global warming. It also supports the agricultural sector through boosting economic participation rates and combating poverty.

Drip Irrigation Advantages

  • Water, energy, and resource saving
  • Over 90% irrigation uniformity
  • Supplies water, nutrients, and fertilizers directly to the roots
  • Increased yield/ROI
  • Total land usage efficiency (works on all soil types)
  • Increased crop stability, as crops are protected from overwatering and drying
  • Reduced risk due to increased weed and plant disease control
  • Customizable emission rates
  • Enhanced efficiency through easing field activities such as ploughing, spraying, and harvesting