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Drip irrigation is a revolutionary, micro-irrigation system designed...


NDICO/Al Wataniyeh undertakes agricultural projects from start to finish...


To ensure a projects’ continued success, NDICO/Al Wataniyeh offers...

About NDICO/Al Wataniyeh

National Drip Irrigation Company (NDICO/Al Wataniyeh) is a leading drip irrigation production company providing turnkey solutions and building a greener tomorrow for the agricultural sector across the globe.

With the aim of combating water and land scarcity, addressing food security, and developing sustainable solutions built to positively impact the economics of agriculture, NDICO/Al Wataniyeh’s all encompassing, end to end solutions emphasize quality, transparency, professionalism, and cost efficiency.

We offer top-quality, innovative solutions to address the complexities of drip irrigation networks and are proud of our ability to transfer landscapes into thriving farms that are designed to last.

NDICO/Al Wataniyeh manufactures all products using only virgin raw materials produced by renowned suppliers.

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Our Projects

Ethio Coffee and Tea Plantation, Ethiopia

Ethio Coffee and Tea Plantation, Ethiopia

Greenhouses (Cut Flowers Plantation), 6 hectares

Sam Valley, Ghana

Sam Valley, Ghana

Pineapple Plantation, 208 hectares

Musahamat Farms, The Philippines

Musahamat Farms, The Philippines

Banana Plantation, 700 hectares

GIZ Irrigation Optimization, Jordan

Mercy Corps Water Innovation Technology Project

Rawi Farms, Jordan

Rawi Farms, Jordan

Vegetable and Tree Plantation, 60 hectares

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