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PC Pipes

Inline Pressure Compensating Drip line

Usage and advantages:

  • It is mostly used in the irrigation of vegetables, Fruits and flowers in open fields and green houses and it could be used in irrigating trees too

  • Ideal for use in sloping terrain and hilly areas

  • Cylindrical P.C. dripper has effective self-flushing mechanism that starts to function before each irrigation cycle. The two independent flushing entrances of water lead the water to pass through the dripper and flush the pressure compensation area

  • Cylindrical dripper is enclosed with pressure compensation mechanism of silicon membrane. It provides great resistance to fertilizers and chemicals

  • Compensation range spans from 0.5 to 4.5 bar, one of the widest in the market

  • Available with 4.2 Lph capacity as well as 2.35 Lph and comes in 16 mm diameter

  • Filtration requirement 120 mesh for PC 4.2 Lph and 150 mesh for PC 2.35 Lph

  • The consistency of the irrigation water enhances the consistency in the size and shape of the crops; thus reflecting positively on the marketability of these fruits

  • The PC drip line stretches far longer than the usual GR drip line. This provides the farmer a chance to safe on the sub mains and the valves and power consumption, and also better controls on the farm management

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