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Other Products

In addition to distributing our own manufactured products, we also make available different kinds of products manufactured by sister and allied companies as in the list below:


  • EURODRIP on Line Pressure Compensating Drippers Corona PC


Available flow rates: 2, 3, 4, 8 & 24 I ph.


      • Uniform flow rate regardless of inlet water pressure and field slope

      • The widest compensating range in the market: 0. 5 - 4,0 bar

      • Self flushing mechanism ensures resistance to clogging

      • Resistant to commonly used fertilizers, chemicals and acids

      • Nipple outlet ensures no run off along the lateral when hanging especially on grapes

      • Ideal for trees as it can be added to serve the plant maturity

      • Multipurpose use, ranging from orchards and grapes, to greenhouses, nurseries and landscaping

      • Can be applied on various pipe sizes

      • Adaptable to 4 outlet manifold and spike drippers for better water distribution

      • Micro tube connection to facilitate micro tube extension or dripper cap

      • Special "no water spring cap" available for 24 lph PC drippers

      • Color coding for different flow rates


  • Eolos (Flat drip pipe)


It contains a flat emitter that is attached to the inside wall of the pipe. The emitter is engineered to resist clogging with its large flow path size having the largest cross section in the industry worldwide

Ideal applications include crops such as tomatoes, peppers, melons, cotton, grapes, potatoes and other row crops for both surface and shallow subsurface

Industry Leaning CV values (less than 2%) and the highest operating pressures available means unmatched uniformity performance for your plants and reliability for you

It is available in different flow capacities: (0.8, 1.3, 1.6, 2.6, and 3.8 LPH)

This pipe is available in different sizes: 12, 16, 17 and 23mm

Wide range of mil thicknesses starting from 5 mil and up to 40 mil

Spacing starting from 15cm



  • Disc Filters




  • Accessories




  • Metal filters and fertilizers