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About Us


  • Vision 

  • Implement projects and methodologies that are well adapted to the Local environment, in order to provide sustenance to water and agriculture in the region and ultimately to increase agricultural productivity per drop of water.

  • Mission 

  • Region leadership in water management for agriculture and landscaping, by providing products and services of high quality and advanced technology, aiming at maximum customer satisfaction and enhanced shareholders value.

Who is NDICO

The National Drip Irrigation Company is a pioneer not only in Jordan but also in the Arab world and it is reputed for the excellent quality of its products.

NDICO is a member of Eurodrip group since 2002.

Established in 1991, NDICO introduced its products to the Jordanian market in 1992 and managed to gain the largest share of the market in two years. On the other hand, the products of NDICO enjoy a substantial presence in the markets of UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Palestine and Iraq. Furthermore, the same products have been exported to Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Australia and others.

Since its early beginnings, NDICO has given great importance to the quality factor in all its products. Samples of the company's products were sent to CEMAGREF in France, to be tested and the results were outstanding.

Among all the Jordanian companies in the field of drip irrigation, NDICO was the first and the only one to achieve ISO 9002 certification in 2000.

Business Competitiveness

 The main strength points of NDICO’s approach are:

  • Innovation: NDICO solves the complex problems of the irrigation networks with an innovative approach with the least costs possible 

  • Adaptability: NDICO uses advanced technologies in a simple way that matches its customers’ needs and requirements

  • Credibility: NDICO manufactures all products of high quality virgin PE resins produced from renowned leading suppliers

  • Keeping pace of new technologies: NDICO continuously follows up the new technologies

  • Guarantee: NDICO undertakes to guarantee all its manufactured products in terms of quality and performance. NDICO has built a prominent record which testifies this claim


Collaboration with Delegates of International Development Agencies in Jordan

  • NDICO had developed amicable and professional relations with

  • - IRWA funded by EU

    - SCP funded by AFD

    - Ministry of Environment water reuse funded by USIAD

  • NDICO is used to the different cultural approaches

  • NDICO cooperated with the joint French, Jordanian (SCP/ MIRRA) project of Irrigation Optimization in the Jordan Valley Project (IOJoV), by providing consistently high quality irrigation equipment